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NYC English Messaging

Key Corporate Messaging

NYC English believes in opening the world to people through English: empowering them, connecting them, and giving them the language skills and confidence to thrive in their careers and life.

Our software program emphasizes listening and speaking using videos and technology that simulate an ‘immersive experience’ – the natural way people learn. It uniquely combines natural conversations and lessons to cover all 6 skills needed to be fluent and confident in English.


The award-winning software program is content rich and designed by pedagogic experts. It has three levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level has 30 themes of contextual learning. In total there are over 1,500 exercises, 10,000 phrases, and 600 videos of real-life conversations and teaching explanations.


Each line of text from the videos can be listened to and read as often as needed. For easy understanding, the lines are also translated into the user’s native language. In addition, key words are introduced for vocabulary, and voice recognition technology is used to practice pronunciation.


Easy-to-see progress tracking encourages users to continue to improve. The program is aligned with international standards and is ideal to complement an existing curriculum or for independent self-learning.


Praise for NYC English from ComputED Gazette, Best Educational Software Awards:


NYC English brings a definitive 21st Century approach to teaching ELL/ESL.


Trying to design a method of teaching English to students for whom English is not their native language has been the subject of much research and discussion among experts and educators alike.

Many computer-based and Internet-based efforts have been impressive but, perhaps, none more so than NYC English


The differences are startling: high-definition seamless videos, sleek graphics, high-quality sound, and a clean user-friendly interface.

What’s New


Our latest version of the software, NYC English 3.0, is a step change in design. It is more user-friendly, with updated, navigation, and dashboards. It is currently available for Beginner Level, with Intermediate and Advanced Levels coming soon. 

The Corporate Website
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The NYC English 'Personality':
the tone of voice & graphic style to be used in all messaging, including social media is as follows:

To the 'Corporate' Audience...

  • Professional

  • Modern

  • International

  • Urban - a feeling of New York

To the 'Student' Audience...

  • Professional and informal & fun

  • Modern

  • International

  • Urban - a feeling of New York

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